What is the Tangler?

  • The Tangler is a time saving, proven and fun way to protect your orchard from unwanted pests. 

What makes Tangler unique?

  • Traditional methods for controlling codling moth are time and labor intensive. Tanglers can be launched quickly, up to 75% faster, saving you time and expense.  
  • Users agree that launching Tanglers is 100% more fun than applying other brands.
  • Tanglers are so inventive that they received 3 US Patents!

How does it work?

  • Tangler can be hand thrown or "shot" into trees using the Tangler Launcher. The Tanglers release pheromones that protect your crop from Codling Moths.  

How long does Tangler protect against Codling Moths?

  • All season! Typically Tanglers are applied in early spring and will protect your orchard until harvest season. 

What products do you offer?

  • TANGLER CM - Tangler offers a codling moth solution. The Tangler units come in batches of 100. It takes 300-600 to protect one acre from codling moths. 
  • More applications are in efficacy trials with MSU.
  • LAUNCHER - Please inquire about the Launcher (The "Gun") for purchase or rental.   

Is the Tangler Effective?

  • Yes! The Tangler was proven effective in a 4 year study conducted by Michigan State University's College of Agriculture. See the graph below that proves it! 

Results from MSU's Codling Moth study. 

Where are Tanglers made?

  • 100% designed and produced in Kent City, Michigan. Tangler is an American brand and dedicated to the communities we service.